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""[My expert] provided me with the knowledge and the proper verbiage to be my own voice. The conversations and support that I received encouraged me to continue nursing my son when I felt like giving up. Now I'm encouraging moms in my community to nurse and to trust the process. Here I am going on 13 months of nursing."

Mom to Zion
Hannah and Lou

"Such a comfort and help after I had my baby... [My expert] had helpful suggestions for breastfeeding positions. But what I appreciated the most was how knowledgeable she is and her organized and thoughtful approach to doula-ing."

Mom to Lou
Baby Catherine

"I refer basically everyone I know to [my expert]. Working with her is so easy because she knows what it’s like to struggle as a new mom and is passionate about helping everyone navigate parenthood. If you’re even considering pursuing postpartum or lactation help, DO IT!"

Mom to Catherine and Andrew

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