1st Annual Nessle Expert Conference

Thursday, February 23rd, 11:00am - 1:30pm

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On Thursday, February 23, we’re celebrating our first Nessle Expert Conference!

It’s a day of learning, reflecting, inspiring, and connecting designed for our Experts and those who are considering listing as an Expert on Nessle, and here’s how it will work:


At 6 a.m. Eastern Time that morning, check back here to view the on-demand streams of our 3 courses.

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If audio-only is more your thing, we’ll also be dropping the sessions as podcasts that same morning.

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Listen and learn as it fits your schedule, then join us at 4:30p ET for a happy hour/tea time to reflect, discuss, and build community as parenting experts and birth workers.

Session one

8 Weeks to Unlocking Your Personal Productivity Path: Time Management and Productivity When You Run Your Own Schedule

with Carly Buxton, CEO at Nessle

How can we manage our schedule and maximize productivity when each week is different, and each day is unpredictable? In this session, Nessle CEO Carly Buxton will cover 8 proven approaches to prioritization and productivity, and she’ll challenge you to test them each for yourself and choose the one that you connect with most, to help you have your most balanced (and productive) year yet.

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Session two

Malpractice 101 - What Business Owners Should Know about Insurance

with the CM&F Team

10 minutes to insurance clarity! Why you need it, how to get it, and what to consider as you seek protection for your independent birth work / coaching business.

Listen to their podcast with Carly!
Session three

Creating Your Business Brand Kit in Canva – and What to Do Next

with Ethan Parker, Product and Brand Designer at Nessle

What is a Brand Kit? Why is it important? How do you create one? And what happens next once you have one? Nessle’s Brand and Product Designer Ethan Parker walks you through the answers to these questions, and shares his favorite Canva design tips that every business owner can know and get inspired by!

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Session 4 is live at 4:30pm ET where we will wrap-up and have a discussion Happy Hour / Tea Time!

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