Give your employees a more supported parenthood

Nessle is the first open marketplace connecting parents to trained experts for on-demand support throughout the journey from conception through the school-aged years.

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Improve employee retention

Caregiving struggles negatively affect employees' performance. Increased perinatal care can mitigate that effect.

Employees are starting to view care-related benefits as a top priority for attraction and retention.

Be a benefits leader

Join the growing number of employers who are leading the charge for parent benefits.

Source: The Holding Co., in partnership with Pivotal Ventures, 2021 study

Source: survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of SurePayroll

Show your parents that you see them

Parents aren’t feeling supported in the workplace. Your partnership with Nessle shows you see them.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Nessle?
Nessle is a digital health platform that connects parents with experts for tailored online guidance on topics throughout every stage of parenting. Our subscription-based application for employers helps parents seamlessly connect with our network of trained specialists for in-person and tele-support sessions that range from 1-on-1 coaching calls to learning webinars, support groups and more.
Who are the experts on Nessle?
Our community of experts includes trained parenting specialists, life coaches, doulas, sleep consultants, lactation and nutrition counselors, wellness coaches, and more. The experts on Nessle consult with clients on topics ranging from navigating fertility, surrogacy, and adoption all the way through topics relevant to parents of teens, such as social media health and preparing your high-schooler for college. All verified experts are vetted by Nessle through a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure an inclusive, evidence-based, high-touch experience for all users.
How does this actually work?
Nessle partners with employers and benefits brokers like you to offer Nessle subscription plans as a benefit to support the parents in your workforce, municipality, or health system. Our team works together with you to tailor a plan that suits your employees’ needs–and your budget! We will send you quarterly reports with aggregate, totally anonymous data on utilization rates and the return on your investment, in terms of workers’ satisfaction with our program. We also stay deeply engaged with your workforce, offering workshops and participating in your wellness and benefits programming throughout the year, if that is of interest to you.
Why Nessle?
Amid the “Great Resignation” and the war for talent in the workforce today, companies are increasingly aware of the need to support the parents in their workforce and communities, to prevent burnout, and to promote work-life balance, and there are lots of great choices out there for ways to do just that. So why Nessle? First, our open marketplace of experts helps us recruit a diverse network of parenting professionals working on flexible schedules across the globe; for example, rather than just a handful of “generalists” on our staff from each expert category, we can connect parents with dozens of experts within each specialization–each of whom is able to “go niche” with specialized expertise on a vast variety of parenting challenges and concerns. It also means that we have experts available 24/7, covering multiple time zones, schedule-able within the hour in many cases, and covering diverse languages and affinity groups.

Next, you’ll be working with a company that’s pioneering the future of more supported parenthood online. Our Q&A portal format “flips the script” for parents seeking support. Rather than sifting through pages of possible experts with whom to connect, Nessle parents can just submit their search guidelines on our HIPAA-compliant portal, and within 24 hours, they’ll be contacted by a qualified expert who is ready to connect with that family for a 1-on-1 video call to discuss their challenge or concern. It’s all done flexibly, on the parents’ own time and turf. In addition to this Q&A service, Nessle offers its subscribers regular live support groups, as well as topical webinars and workshop sessions that will help parents feel balanced and supported.

Finally, Nessle understands that rolling out a new program or benefit can be an exciting but daunting challenge, and we are fully committed to helping you introduce Nessle in a buzzworthy, enthusiasm-generating way, by leading demos for your team members and workshops on topics relevant to working parents, not just during open enrollment but throughout the year.
Sounds great–what do I do now?
Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with our team so that we can understand your challenges, show you the platform in action, share data about our success rates with other companies, and consult with you about the subscription tier that feels right for your organization. This meeting is truly for customer research–it’s not a sales pitch! After our conversation, if the fit feels right, you sign a 2-page contract with us, and we take over the rollout from there!
Do you offer a free trial?
No need! It’s totally free for your employees to get started on the Nessle Community Subscription for Parents. Learn how by checking out our full brochure today.