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Nessle is the first open marketplace connecting parents to trained experts for on-demand support throughout the journey from conception through the school-aged years.

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Provide your patients with access to a wider range of experts

Nessle has a large pool of non-medical experts in a variety of areas, including lactation counselors, sleep consultants, fertility doulas, relationship counselors, and more. This means that your patients can find the right specialist for their needs throughout the journey of parenthood.

Help your patients save money

Experts on Nessle set their own prices, so there is an expert available for every patient's budget. Additionally, some insurance plans may reimburse Nessle services.

Provide your patients with peace of mind

Nessle experts are trained and vetted, and they offer on-demand, evidence-based guidance. This means that your patients can get the quality support they need, when they need it.

Increase your practice's visibility

When you partner with Nessle, you can promote your practice to a wider audience of parents. This can lead to more patients for your practice.

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Nessle is the first open marketplace where parents can connect with experts for evidence-based support throughout the journey of parenthood.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Nessle?
Nessle is the first open marketplace connecting parents to trained experts for on-demand support throughout the journey from conception through the school-aged years.

The parents and parents-to-be who rely on your practice shouldn’t have to crowd-source guidance on social media or fall into Dr. Google rabbit holes when they need expert support about sleep, feeding, labor, parenting, and all of the other worries along the rollercoaster of parenthood. They should connect with you, or when that’s not necessary, possible, or in the budget–they can turn to Nessle and get matched with a compassionate, verified expert, who is ready to give them tailored guidance on their own time and turf.

Our platform boasts hundreds of doulas, lactation counselors, maternal wellness coaches, sleep consultants, life coaches, relationship counselors, fertility consultants, behavior specialists, speech therapists, fitness experts, pelvic floor therapists, and more. Our experts offer in-person services in communities across the U.S., and telesupport services worldwide.
Sounds great! How do I share Nessle with my patients?
Place your order for an office kit here (includes welcome letter, patient/client informational postcards for your waiting room, and invitations to our free learning events for both experts and parents).
How much does Nessle cost?
Experts set their own prices on Nessle, and parents pay per session or purchase. Some experts offer meet-and-greets for $0. Others offer entire doula packages for northward of $1500. Our open marketplace approach means that there is an expert available for every patient’s budget.
Are Nessle services reimbursable by insurance?
We are working on internal systems to tag certain services as reimbursable, based on the patient’s health plan membership. For the time being, we provide clients with superbills which are submittable as an out-of-network provider.
How do you vet experts?
As an open marketplace, Nessle enables experts to self-onboard via an online module process. We verify their credentials on the back end, and we offer additional badges for certifications, supplemental trainings (such as bias/DEI), and mentorship participation. All experts receive post-session ratings and reviews, which are carefully tracked by our Customer Experience team.
I’m interested in more than just telling my patients about Nessle. How can my practice lean on Nessle even more significantly?
Let Nessle be your 24-hour call center. Trust Nessle as your non-acute triage. Our experts offer an excellent customer experience with on-demand, evidence-based guidance that helps your patients feel valued, supported, and encouraged, no matter what they’re facing as parents. To discuss subscription options and partnership opportunities, please email our partnerships team at