Simplify Family Dinners: Expert Tips from the CEO of The Dinner Daily

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Join Nessle—and special guest Laurin Mills—as we explore practical strategies to turn dinner preparation from a daunting task into a delightful experience that brings families closer together. Read on.

Introducing Our Guest: Laurin Mills – Founder, Type-A Planner, Mom of 3 

Laurin Mills is a former CPA at a renowned Big Four accounting firm who set out on a mission to make dinner easier and more affordable for busy working parents. As a dedicated working mom herself, she felt the struggles of balancing work and family life firsthand, especially when it comes to the daily challenge of dinner preparation.

Fueled by her passion for helping families thrive, Laurin founded The Dinner Daily, which is a fantastic initiative that has touched the lives of thousands of busy families. Laurin and I actually met as fellow CEOs in AWS's Impact Accelerator for Women Founders last fall. And we've kept the conversation going because we have found so much overlap in our audiences, and we're excited to share the word about what one another is working on.

On September 1 of this year, we dropped Episode 16 of Nessle Together – A Parenting Podcast, with Laurin as our guest! If you haven’t given it a listen yet, please do. It’s almost like a guided meditation for changing your entire mental approach to family dinner. But here are a few highlights from the episode, in which Laurin shares her favorite tips for re-framing the entire dinner experience as a busy working parent.


Laurin’s Favorite Strategies for a Successful Family Dinner Experience

1. Embrace the Family Approach: Involve every family member in the dinner process. Allocate simple tasks to each member, fostering a sense of participation and shared responsibility. 

2. Create a Dinner Playlist: Set a positive mood with a curated dinner playlist, involving your kids in selecting their favorite tunes. This sets the tone for a personalized, enjoyable dinner atmosphere where everyone feels involved.

3. Make the Everyday Special: Incorporate small touches like lighting a candle or using a tablecloth to transform ordinary dinners into memorable occasions. These simple gestures enhance the overall dining experience and can make a frazzled family calm down around the table.

4. Highs and Lows: Encourage conversation by asking each family member about their high and low moments of the day. This practice creates an open and engaging atmosphere around the table.

5. Start Small: If transitioning to regular family dinners feels overwhelming, start with two to three nights a week. Gradually increase the frequency as you establish a routine that suits your family's schedule.


Connect with Laurin Mills and The Dinner Daily

Laurin’s mission to simplify family dinners and bring families closer together has evolved into a thriving initiative. Connect with Laurin and The Dinner Daily on their website and follow them on Instagram [@the_dinnerdaily] for inspiration and practical tips on creating enjoyable and stress-free family dinners.

Carly B

Carly B

Carly is a postpartum doula and Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) based in the West End of Richmond, Virginia.