Unlocking Your Unique Services: Deciding What To Sell as a Parent-Support Expert - With Free Workbook Excerpt!

Parent-support Expert Finding Unique Service Offerings

Are you a parent-support expert or birth worker looking to thrive in your field? The key to success isn't just about comparing your services to the competition; it's about discovering what truly drives you and embracing your passion. At Nessle, we take a unique approach to help you find your niche and create offerings that resonate with your clients. In this article, we'll guide you through a journey of self-discovery and inspire you to optimize your services to attract more clients. Plus, we have a special workbook chapter for you to download, so you can get creative and inspired to create an entirely revamped suite of service offerings, all centered on what makes you tick as a professional!


Starting or growing your business as a parent-support expert can be a daunting task. What services and packages should you sell to stand out in your field? While it's common to investigate the competition, at Nessle, we believe that real success starts with looking inward. What motivates you as an expert? Why did you enter this field? What services truly fulfill you? 

Your Nessle listing page is your online storefront, and understanding how to entice customers who visit it is key. Furthermore, optimizing your Nessle listings for topic-based searches is essential. But don't stop at the boundaries of Nessle! Even if you don’t list your services on our site, we encourage you to harness your unique skills, specialties, and passions to create a thriving business as a parent-support expert. Let's explore your service potential together.

Discovering Your Unique Services

1. What Inspires You

Look back at your bookshelf or recent articles you've read. What themes or topics in your field compel you the most? Understanding your inspirations can guide your service offerings.

2. What Sets You Apart

Identify the skills or activities in which you excel, perhaps even ten times better than the average person. These are the foundations of your unique services.

3. Passion Projects

Recall your favorite or most energizing client or work project. What specific tasks were you performing, and what made it so enjoyable? These experiences can inspire your service offerings.

4. Identify the Gaps

Consider what your field lacks or where it falls short. Are there services you believe are missing? Start by completing sentences like "No one is really doing ___ well" or "What this field really needs is ___."

Mix and Match Your Services

With newfound insights into your passions, niches, and gaps in the market, it's time to brainstorm your services. Think beyond the ordinary and let your creativity flow. List your service ideas, both practical and unconventional, that you could offer as a parent-support expert. 

To dive deeper into discovering your unique services and building your suite of offerings, download our exclusive workbook chapter, or join Nessle for free as an Expert today, and access your complete 96-page Thrive Workbook to up-level your parent-support business.


Your journey as a parent-support expert is about more than just keeping up with the competition. It's about finding what truly ignites your passion and offering services that align with your unique skills and aspirations. By understanding yourself, identifying your strengths, recalling your favorite experiences, and recognizing the gaps in your field, you can create services that not only thrive but also bring you fulfillment.

Ready to explore your full service potential? Join Nessle for free as an Expert today, and embark on a journey to thrive as a parent-support professional. The possibilities are endless, and your success is just around the corner.

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Carly B

Carly B

Carly is a postpartum doula and Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) based in the West End of Richmond, Virginia.